CoolTool - the world's most comprehensive software for refrigeration and air conditioning specialists.CoolTool is a simple and easy-to-use software which can be used to calculate almost all types of refrigeration circuits and optimise them in terms of energy. All components are designed as large as necessary, but also as small as possible to keep investment costs low. From the simple, single-stage system for small capacities to supermarkets and large, widely distributed systems for industrial or commercial applications.Whether systems with direct evaporation or with refrigerants. Air conditioning, normal refrigeration, or deep-freezing. CoolTool covers the whole range. CoolTool delivers numerous results that represent enormous time savings: The system is drawn automatically, lists of materials are generated and documentation is produced parallel to the calculation. CoolTool contains all current refrigerants including natural refrigerants. New technologies, such as the trans critical process with CO2 (R 744) can be easily calculated with CoolTool. A humid air diagram, cooling load calculations for cold rooms and air-conditioned rooms complete the range of services.

You can find a demo version here:

Download Ver. 9.02 (ca. 90 MB)